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from a dream to reality...

Hi  I'm Shaunte' Founder and creator of the Moisture Blend brand. At 10 years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and it changed my life. I was very sick and my physical appearance took a hard hit, as well as my skin. I suffered from eczema and excessive dry skin. I tried everything. Palmer's, Nivea, Jergens even Petroleum Jelly but nothing worked for me. As I entered adulthood I was tired of the Vaseline clogging my pores and  causing breakouts. Not to mention staining my clothes. So I set out to find my own solution for my problematic skin. I began researching treatments  and home remedies to help with my seasonal eczema and daily dry skin but my focus was on natural relief.  Being a young woman and having to take multiple medications for my fragile immune system I didn't want to add any more  chemicals to my system. 

After responsible testing and trying different blends I finally found the perfect blend that doesn't just softens the skin, it heals it.  I screamed in excitement! I finally created the solution that was perfect for me. I never imagined Moisture Blend being  a solution for anyone other than myself but one day when my daughter mentioned she had a friend who was suffering from terrible skin problems (eczema/ psoriasis)  and asked for a jar of my product. I gave it to her and not even a week later my phone began ringing off the hook with excitement from the young man thanking me and asking for cost because he never wanted to run out. I was pleased. Then I began to give out more jars to friends and family realizing so many were having skin issues most due to medical problems and medications and others just genetics and that is when I realized WE finally had help and I created it. 

Moisture Blend

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